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Fiesta de San Isidro

The holiday of San Isidro, one of the patrons of the city, has been celebrated in Madrid for centuries.

One of the most famous national holidays occurs on May 15th, locals celebrate the day of the patron saint of the capital Saint Isidro. The best traditions of this holiday in Madrid have survived. The official opening of the festival takes place in the center of the city on May 11th in the evening with a procession of giant doll heads from the Plaza Santo Domingo. The parade passes through the main streets of Madrid and finishes at Plaza de la Villa.

During the next three days, concerts of brass bands, contemporary pop and rock performers, theatrical productions, and dance shows are all over the city. The locals perform the traditional Spanish dance "chotis". In the streets of Madrid, you can meet a huge number of women dressed in tight dresses flared at the knees, and men in checkered waistcoats and flat hats. Also, the ladies cover their heads with a white shawl and decorate their hair with a red carnation, and the Caballeros attach a flower to the lapel.

Since the holiday is of a religious nature, the main events will be held on the San Isidro field where the participants can fill the vessels with water from the holy spring. Afterward, they will enjoy a picnic, where a variety of food stalls offer all the typical dishes of Madrid. The area is alive with music, and crowds of people with traditional "chulapo" costumes, all intent on having fun.